Welcome to The SoulFullHeart Portal

A place to heal, feel, and find soul family

Welcome to the SoulFullHeart Portal! 

We’ve been offering the SoulFullHeart Healing Process, Paradigm, and Way Of Life together since 2012 to thousands of people through many writings/books, videos of guided meditations/audio blogs/teachings, virtual community via group calls and online group forums, in-person gatherings, and 1:1 powerful virtual and in-person healing sessions. 

The SoulFullHeart Mission is to support the global awakening and consciousness shift that is happening during this phase of humanity’s Ascension. We are passionate about supporting the embodiment of vitality, purity, intimate relationships, and health in ALL areas of life: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial, and environmental. Our sharings provide transmissions of higher frequency living in all these areas through getting to know and integrate parts of yourself and soul aspects from other lifetimes/timelines in a meaningful way that heals deep trauma on quantum levels.

This SoulFullHeart Portal is an extension of our offerings into a one common place that also includes a community experience as well. Due to the increasing polarizations, corporate corruption, and censorship happening on mainstream social media channels, we felt guided to offer a virtual shelter in the storm and ark of higher consciousness here for those souls who are interested in exploring the SoulFullHeart way of life with us. 

This is a safe place to gather together, sharing thoughts, feelings, and resonant energies with us and each other as related to this unique way of life we offer that seeds in New Earth consciousness in the Now. We feel this Portal as particularly supportive for those who have been following our writings and videos on social media for awhile, doing 1:1 sessions, and/or attending group calls with us. 

Membership to this Portal is free to you, yet we also gratefully accept donations as an energy exchange giving back to us and support our work at soulfullheart.org/shop or via paypal.me/jelelleawen

This portal is private, so only members can see the content. As a member, you can invite others to join you here and all memberships need to be approved by us as the hosts.

There is exclusive content shared here from us that isn't shared on our social media channels or blog; including personal process sharings; videos from the community; longer and more in-depth writings; excerpts from Jelelle's books and future books and more.

As a member, you are invited to post on the topic threads or via the private chats to communicate with other members. We post regularly on these topic threads, responding to comments and questions, and these threads become resource pools on specific topics in the future. We also provide private women's and men's sharing group within the Portal eventually. 

We do ask that you keep all of your posts and comments on topic related to the SoulFullHeart process and way of life. 

Thank you for joining us here on this Portal as we journey into the unknown terrains of enlivening heart and awakening soul together,


Raphael and Jelelle Awen, Gabriel Amara, Kasha Rokshana


For more information about SoulFullHeart and our sharings/offerings, please visit soulfullheart.org, our blog, our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel, and our SoulFullHeart Facebook page.

Here are some comments we've received from current and former members about being on the Portal with us: 

"The portal has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. I especially like the intimacy, the ease, the positivity, the connection, and also being away from the din and distractions of Facebook. I hope to see everyone there!"

"I do LOVE the portal, for all the reasons you mentioned. Also funnyly enough, the more I work with my Inner Punisher and the more unanchored from pain/suffering/self-punishment/shame he gets, the less drawn I am to FB as I'm increasingly notice the hostility here and a sense of it being not safe. The portal is SO warm and has helped me already in my deepest process yet, with many inside and corresponding outside rumbles and collapses, as I was able to share in real-time and get real-time responses, reflections and guidance. Multiple times. The portal is a huge gift, thank you!"

"Lovely to be here and I agree it's great to be in a safer, more peaceful, online space."

"Your meditations, teachings, and what you share as a community - it always feels like touching base with my soul - so much resonance in what you offer. I also appreciate that this is away from the social platforms and offers a more peaceful and clear place to come away from the noise of the world."

"I have been following your group for the past year or so. I relate well to your topics, your love for the planet, and each other. Each of you seem so refreshingly sincere, it’s a privilege to be in your company here on the Portal!"

"Good to be here. It does feel like a safe port though in the sometimes stormy online sea."

"How exciting! I'm an 'existing fan' of the SoulFullHeart process and this deep healing work. I'm grateful to be reconnected this way for more of SoulFullHeart and our deep diving on this Portal. "

"Feels clean, safe and easy to navigate here. I felt to join after clarity that the process is my core work. Parts of me have wanted a breadth of experience and exploration. I've been finding that this is possible whilst still committing to parts work. Happy to join this safe space to explore and connect  I feel to share and connect with others in the process and also I'm interested in others' process."

"I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful portal. Even though not in person, we are all connected at the heart and spirit and I am so grateful for this soul family I have found here."

"I'm looking forward to exploring this Portal here! I've always said I'm only really on Facebook for you guys and even then I rarely go on. SO, I'm glad to have a space separate from the many and part of the few that have resonance and a focus on intimacy and love."


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