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What is The SoulFullHeart Portal?

Welcome to the SoulFullHeart Portal! 

We’ve been offering the SoulFullHeart Healing Process, Paradigm, and Way Of Life together since 2012 to thousands of people through many writings/books, videos of guided meditations/audio blogs/teachings, virtual community via group calls and online group forums, in-person gatherings, and 1:1 powerful virtual and in-person healing sessions. 

The SoulFullHeart Mission is to support the global awakening and consciousness shift that is happening during this phase of humanity’s Ascension. We are passionate about supporting the embodiment of vitality, purity, intimate relationships, and health in ALL areas of life: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial, and environmental. Our sharings provide transmissions of higher frequency living in all these areas through getting to know and integrate parts of yourself and soul aspects from other lifetimes/timelines in a meaningful way that heals deep trauma on quantum levels.

This SoulFullHeart Portal is an extension of our offerings into a one common place that also includes a community experience as well. Due to the increasing polarizations, corporate corruption, and censorship happening on mainstream social media channels, we felt guided to offer a virtual shelter in the storm and ark of higher consciousness here for those souls who are interested in exploring the SoulFullHeart way of life with us. 

This is a safe place to gather together, sharing thoughts, feelings, and resonant energies with us and each other as related to this unique way of life we offer that seeds in New Earth consciousness in the Now. We feel this Portal as particularly supportive for those who have been following our writings and videos on social media for awhile, doing 1:1 sessions, and/or attending group calls with us. 

Through offering the energy exchange/donation of $14.99 USD per month, you will have access to all of the postings on this Portal, including exclusive content from us not offered anywhere else online and all of the community content as well. We feel this is a fair amount to ask for in exchange for the bounty of sharings that all of four of us offer and have offered over the years.

This exclusive content from us includes personal process sharings; energy updates and guided meditation videos from Jelelle Awen; other videos from the community; longer and more in-depth writings; excerpts from Jelelle's books and future books and more. Some of the content we have previously offered on other channels will now only be available here on this Portal.

As a member, you are also invited to post on the topic threads to communicate with other members. We will be posting regularly on these topic threads, responding to comments and questions, and these threads become resource pools on specific topics in the future.

More information, sharings, and more about SoulFullHeart at soulfullheart.org and soulfullheartblog.com. 

Thank you for joining us here on this Portal as we journey into the unknown terrains of enlivening heart and awakening soul together,


Raphael and Jelelle Awen, Gabriel Heartman, Kasha Rokshana

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